Between summer heatwaves and winter chills, your car endures the worst of the British weather. It’s easy to forget just how impactful these conditions can be, especially if your vehicle appears to suffer from no immediate issues. Skilled in Audi servicing, VW servicing and with the latest vehicle diagnostics equipment, our technicians can assess the condition of your car for your safety on the road. Aside from in-depth car servicing, we can also tune your vehicle for increased performance and a smoother drive throughout the Caterham area.


Although we specialise in Audi, VW servicing and engine remapping, we have a full, working knowledge of all makes and models and continue to build our reputation through friendly customer care. See below for some of the key issues that your vehicle may experience throughout the year.



With torrential rain, fog and uncertain temperatures, springtime in Caterham can lead to a loss of visibility on the road. To counter this, we advise motorists to inspect the condition of their windscreen wipers, check their lights and assess tyre pressure before heading out. By approaching the road with efficient wipers, lights and a solid set of tyres, you can reduce the odds of an accident.


If your vehicle needs professional care, visit us for car servicing at your next opportunity. We use vehicle diagnostics to understand potential issues and can conduct engine remapping for improved handling.



One of the most common Summer issues that motorists in Caterham may experience is an overheated engine. Unfortunately, an overheated engine can lead to a catastrophic breakdown and a car that no longer runs. By checking fluid levels, air conditioning and coolant fans before starting an extended trip, you can enjoy the summer without the looming shadow of a potential breakdown.


At MD Autobahn Ltd, we perform visual inspections and engine remapping, use vehicle diagnostics and offer Skoda, VW and Audi servicing at an affordable rate.



Although autumn is more agreeable to a car’s engine than the summer heat, debris on the road can lead to several issues. The build-up of leaves can block vents, damage paintwork and create a slippery surface that prevents effective braking. The Caterham roads may also suffer from potholes, impacting your tyres or suspension in the process.


Specialising in Seat, Skoda, Audi servicing and VW servicing, our engineers can prepare your car for autumnal conditions and clear debris to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.



Easily the most hazardous season, winter requires a great deal of preparation in case of ice and snow. If your car in Caterham has lasted six-to-twelve months without professional care, then we can perform car servicing for your peace of mind. We inspect tyre pressure and durability, conducting a multi-point inspection to test for faults. Because winter can be especially slippery for the most seasoned of drivers, it’s important to assess your brake pads to ensure the safety of all on the road.


Serving motorists in the Caterham area, we provide engine remapping, VW servicing, Audi servicing and come fully equipped with vehicle diagnostics equipment.

To prepare your car for the changing seasons, contact us on 01293 775719 or 07484 538058. We perform car servicing for drivers in the Caterham area.

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