Vehicle owners across Dorking may enjoy a smoother drive with engine remapping. Although some motorists may baulk at the idea of tuning their vehicle’s ECU for greater performance, those who take the plunge using a reliable workshop will reap the rewards and may save money in the longer term. With specialist skills in VW servicing as well as Skoda, Seat and Audi servicing, MD Autobahn Ltd provides professional care at a reasonable price.


We use the latest vehicle diagnostics tools to communicate with your car and fit brand-specific or OEM-compliant parts for lasting quality. Speak to us about minor or major car servicing, or contact our professional team to ask about engine remapping.

What is Engine Remapping?


By default, the majority of cars are de-tuned to comply with each country’s rules and regulations. This means that most drivers, whether in Dorking or throughout the country, experience an acceptable drive that offers mid-range performance in every regard. A talented team with the right software can plug into your vehicle’s ECU and make careful adjustments for a more personalised drive.


Located in Horley, our company receives requests from motorists throughout Dorking and the surrounding areas. Skilled in vehicle diagnostics, VW servicing, Audi Servicing and repairs, we can remap your engine without affecting the integrity of your car’s components.


The Reasons to Remap Your Vehicle


Engine remapping should only be performed by a trusted team of technicians, with the ability to advise on your unique make and model. We undertake reliable car servicing and use proven software for a smoother experience.


Reduced Fuel Bills – Although this largely comes down to the way you drive, fuel economy can actually improve with a remapped ECU. This means that a remap may pay for itself over time, with virtually no downsides. Our team can suggest techniques to help keep fuel costs low, providing a first-rate service for customers from the Dorking area.


A More Responsive Drive – The engine remapping process is straightforward and as permanent as you like. Our team conducts this service as quickly as possible, leading to an engine that responds in superb time. You should also notice an immediate change in your vehicle’s handling, making for an easier drive from the moment your vehicle hits the road.


Increased Power – It comes as no surprise that a remapped engine can provide your vehicle with improved torque and power. The process effectively unshackles your engine and delivers an experience that is both enjoyable and safe for road use. Customers in Dorking frequently enjoy the effects of this service and recommend us to their fellow motorists for VW servicing, Audi servicing and repairs.


Contact MD Autobahn Ltd


With a passion for vehicle maintenance and repairs, we offer minor and major car servicing, and troubleshoot faults with vehicle diagnostics. Our technicians take pride in a friendly and reliable service with a welcoming atmosphere – giving you peace of mind and the affordable workmanship to match.


Our company provides Seat, Skoda and Audi servicing to Dorking customers, with VW servicing to rival that of the official dealerships.

Please contact us for engine remapping on 01293 775719 or 07484 538058. Our technicians offer car servicing, vehicle diagnostics and repairs to drivers in the Dorking area.

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