Few motorists like the idea of spending big when it comes to fuel. What should serve as a necessity quickly mounts up, leading to frequent visits to the petrol station as a result. If your car consumes more fuel than it once did, then you may be tempted to throw in the towel and purchase a new vehicle altogether. With a talent for car servicing, engine remapping, vehicle diagnostics and repairs, our team can help Guildford motorists to make the most of their current vehicle.


As an independent workshop specialising in Seat, Skoda, Audi servicing and VW servicing, we provide a courteous service that rivals, or even exceeds, that of the main dealerships. Drivers in Guildford can speak with our technicians for car servicing or replacement parts that help to improve efficiency.

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time


By checking the route before setting out, drivers in Guildford can reduce the likelihood of a detour or getting lost altogether. A longer journey inevitably means greater fuel consumption, and combining activities such as a trip to the store on the way to a social event, is an effective way of keeping the amount of fuel burned firmly in check.


Check Your Tyres


Although it may seem obvious to some, motorists in the Guildford area don’t always realise that deflated tyres can vastly increase fuel consumption. MD Autobahn Ltd will inspect your tyres as part of reliable car servicing to ensure they reach the optimal pressure. Tyres remain in constant contact with the road and may suffer damage, deflate over time or crack with everyday use.


Skilled in Audi servicing, bodywork, filter changes and VW servicing, our team can assess the condition of your car with visual inspections and vehicle diagnostics – resetting your warning light in the process. Our OEM-compliant and brand-specific parts reduce wear and tear, in turn improving efficiency for your convenience.


Remap Your Engine


Although most customers from the Guildford area desire engine remapping for greater power, they may also benefit from reduced fuel usage with considerate driving. Engine remapping involves plugging into your vehicle’s ECU to make several key adjustments. Aside from providing a smoother and more enjoyable drive, it can also be programmed to make better use of the fuel you burn.


The way you drive plays a major role in how impactful engine remapping is in terms of mileage. Our Audi servicing and VW servicing team can explain the remapping process in detail and can inspect your car for potential faults through vehicle diagnostics.


Remove Excess & Driving Habits


It can be tempting to take large cases on longer journeys, and at times this is a necessity. Doing so every day will substantially impact your mileage, meaning more trips to the petrol station as a consequence. It’s also advisable to consider your own driving methods, as prolonged idling, pushing your car too hard and driving in high speed at low gear can all contribute to increased consumption.


Contact us for engine remapping, VW servicing, Audi servicing and repairs. We have a reputation for reliability and continue to assist motorists from Guildford and the surrounding areas.

For vehicle diagnostics, car servicing or engine remapping, please call 01293 775719 or 07484 538058. We frequently welcome drivers from the Guildford area.

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