Your vehicle should provide you with a safe, comfortable drive that not only gets you from A to B but also allows you to enjoy the journey in peace. There will be times, however, when your car is simply unprepared for the trip, requiring a visit to the garage to ensure its safety on the road. MD Autobahn Ltd welcomes motorists from Leatherhead and the surrounding areas and specialises in Audi servicing, VW servicing as well as Seat and Skoda models. Our team uses vehicle diagnostics to troubleshoot faults without guesswork or delay.


Vehicle owners in the Leatherhead area can enjoy a more efficient drive with engine remapping – a process that unlocks the true potential of your car for a smoother drive. Below we outline some of the key issues to watch out for and when to bring in your vehicle for car servicing or repairs.

Visual Inspections


By taking the time to inspect your vehicle, you can vastly reduce the odds of a breakdown on the road. This is important before committing to a long journey, which can damage your car further unless you take the proper measures. The condition of your windows, windscreen wipers and engine all deserve special attention, with mirrors and headlights a priority to combat a possible lack of visibility.


If your car in Leatherhead requires reliable care, then our engineers will be happy to assist. We conduct minor and major car servicing based on miles driven or the date of your last visit, ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and free from issues. Our team performs vehicle diagnostics and offers engine remapping, VW servicing and other general services.


Issues on the Road


A vehicle that exhibits strange noises, such as a loud exhaust or the crunch of metal, requires immediate attention. A spongy pedal may indicate worn brake pads, compromising your safety on the rainy Leatherhead roads. Smoke under the bonnet is a strong sign of overheating, signalling the need for a visit to your local mechanics. From head gasket failure to worn piston rings, we have a full understanding of all makes and models and use advanced vehicle diagnostics tools to better understand the state of your engine.


You may also discover that your tyres no longer provide the right amount of traction and need replacing. Skilled in Seat, Skoda, VW servicing and Audi servicing, MD Autobahn Ltd works quickly and with meticulous care for your convenience.


Professional Care from Trustworthy Mechanics


When in doubt, an experienced team can assess your vehicle and should do so at a reasonable price. We have the skills to undertake engine remapping, in-depth car servicing and can deliver friendly advice on the maintenance of your vehicle.


Serving motorists from Leatherhead and beyond, we offer the following benefits to our customers:


• Minor and major car servicing for all makes and models

• Specialist Seat, Skoda, Audi and VW servicing

• Car maintenance and repairs using high-quality parts

• Engine remapping for a more comfortable drive

• Vehicle diagnostics for a fast and efficient process

Please call our experienced team for VW or Audi servicing on 01293 775719 or 07484 538058. We repair vehicles from Leatherhead and the surrounding areas.

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